5 Creative Artists To Keep An Eye Out For – March

As much as Kind Art provides topics on creative techniques, inspiration and motivation, I myself and others I work with also need to be inspired and motivated! To fuel this inspiration, every now and then I take a peak at what my creative peers are up to…

During this search I’ve compiled (in particular order) 5 artists I feel you should keep an eye out for this month!

Jason Adenuga

Title: None of Stevens Business
Artist: Jason Adenuga

Jason Adenuga

I’ve followed Jason for quite sometime now and he constantly remains one of my favourites. His character design work is simple and pleasing to the eye. From Mario characters to Sonic, Jason flawlessly adds his own character to all of his drawings. Something I’d love to see more of is the project of drawing male celebrities in their female form. Unique and definitely deserves the credit.

Emi Haze

Title: Zephirus
Artist: Emi Haze

Emi Haze

I’m new to Emi Haze but I’m not new to realistic illustrations and her Zephirus portfolio stood out for me instantly. Using Photoshop whilst listening to music, Emi Haze takes her illustrations to a whole new level. Unfortunately I’m unsure whether Emi Haze is an artist name or her real name however, I love how she has implemented the haze in all of her projects.

Sam Spratt

Title: Tomb Raider
Artist: Sam Spratt

Sam Spratt

Oh Sam Spratt. Like Jason I’ve followed Sam Spratt for quite some time. I initially came across him on Facebook and loved how he teased his audience with snippets of his work. Since then, Sam has built an array of pieces that you’re just going to have to see for yourself. I’m almost certain one of his artwork has blinked at me.


Title: Master of Time Machines
Artist: Light Drafter

Light Drafter

I found Light Drafter on Deviant Art and will defiantly stay on my radar. I’ve been told many times that a picture paints a thousand words, but I believe a picture without the right title can let it down. Aside from the clear skills Light Drafter has with the camera, each and every title I’ve come across is just epic. Light Drafter also has some of my favourite black and white images from any photographer.

Angela Rizza

Title: The Wilder Things
Artist: Angela Rizza

Angela Rizza

Separating her style from the other artists I’ve mentioned is Angela Rizza. Her pieces stand out to me because they reminded me of a childhood book by Michael Murporgo called Kensuke’s Kingdom which was illustrated by Michael Foreman. If you like such illustrations, Angela Rizza hits the nail on the head. Definitely check out more of her work.

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    Hello Guys,

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