5 Techniques For Creativity

Creativity comes from the vision of artistic integrity. Being creative is something anybody and everybody can do with risks and a thought-out plan. With an artist being creative there is no right or wrong decision on the creation you display just a visual expression in what you have produced.

What is creativity?

Creativity develops from combining two unusual elements to identify uniqueness for an individual and their creations, creativity is developed from experimenting. Along with experimenting; a portfolio of well drafted ideas and a strong focus on the task could create a huge increase in your creativity.

Creativity comes from the intuition in your mind, allowing you to think freely and remove any limitations to help you deliver the best quality of creation. The creation that is something unusual from today’s society of productivity but stands out from everything else in the market.

Being a creative individual is very simple,I will present 5 creative ways that will help to identify how you can be innovative and a distinctive individual:


The first technique of creativity is to indulge into intense research on unique products, designs, imagery and illustration that display unique elements. Through the research discovered, it could inspire people to develop some very unique ideas and will inspire the flow of creation.

Drafted Ideas

The second technique of creativity is rough drafted ideas, small and light sketches of particular things that you will keep you focused on the task and help you develop new innovation. Mini – Sketches allow people to create a world of their own with brand new concepts and ideas.


The third technique comes from development, ideas that you have already created should be developed more. Development of ideas already created is a huge part of creativity because an artist gets to expand & experiment with different Medias to create something unique.


The fourth technique of developing creative intuition comes from inspiration, you can be inspired by anything you visualize on your daily journey. Objects in your surroundings are the best form of developing creatively, because it helps you visualise more and develop ideas on objects that already exist.


The fifth and final technique of developing creative intuition, is to develop a balance between your inspirations and your own unique ideas and combine and connecting the two ideas for the final outcome.

These techniques of creativity that I have displayed are the main pinnacle points to develop the best success in yourself and develop a unique creative intuition.

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