Officially launched in 2017, Kind Art is a Creative Arts agency consisting of designers, developers and content makers in the UK.

As a collective, we have a wide skillset and offer a full range of services. Kind Art can help you from the initial stages of forming an idea, through to delivery and on-going support of a project. As well as working with large corporations, Kind Art are dedicated to assisting small and medium sized businesses through their growth.

Although we pride ourselves in our expertise, we at Kind Art do not lock ourselves to any one specific sector or project type. Allowing ourselves to be flexible allows us to keep the creative juices flowing.

Whether it is a website design or build, assistance in managing a project or guidance on team management, we can work with you to ensure success.

Customer experience comes first

We place high importance on understanding one another. Ensuring that we are all on the same page will ensure that we can provide the best service possible. This sounds good in theory, but we have constructed various introduction streams to ensure that from day one, you will receive the best experience possible.

So, that is less time misunderstanding each other, and more time spent on delivering a project that will benefit your business.

We provide more than a service

It is more than just a project. When you come to Kind Art you are engaging in a long term partnership for your business. You are welcome to define the level of engagement you would like however, if you like to work alongside a pro-active consultancy that is just as invested as you are, we can do a lot more to guide you towards success.

Our goal extends beyond providing a service. We want to create long lasting successful relationships.

Maximise Efficiency

Too often customers are overwhelmed with complex processes and jargon. We like to keep things simple and only provide what you truly need. This ensures you are not over charged and allows us to streamline our efforts towards building your perfect project.

Every customer is unique, and many consultancy groups seem to have forgotten this. Kind Art will ensure an efficient tailored experience for your business.