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Tips on Handling Stress

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Stress Relief

As of recent, I’ve been interested in stress management. Stress is something that unfortunately has the possibility to hinder us all at times. We can however, use stressful times as an opportunity to find relief in new directions, try something new and/or use the negative energy to fuel something positive.

In such an interest, I’ve been researching tips and tricks to help handle stress.

I think the first thing to identify when discussing stress is that there are different types.

Covert Stress

Covert stress as its name suggests builds up with no clear warning and can occur in various ways. The most common factor that aids covert stress is lack of sleep. Unfortunately this can happen for various reasons such as your job, responsibilities or something as simple as an unorganised environment.

Covert stress is dangerous because usually it’s hard to detect until the last minute. Read More

Business Update & Competition

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A small update from us this week as we’re still making developments on what was mentioned in the previous business update.

Kind Art has covered a lot of ground with Microsoft and has begun to utilise the BizSpark services. As part of our development, Kind Art is now able to provide hosting to our clients.

This is great news as it assists us in centralising all our services and therefore streamlines the overall experience for the client. It also means that we’re now able to bundle packages and provide affordable prices on web design/web development.

The Kind Art social media networks are doing very well with Facebook having over 3000 likes, Twitter 1200 followers and our newest platform Instagram approaching 100 followers (currently at 85). We really appreciate all the help we’ve had so far so we’ve decided to run our first competition! Read More

Taking Your Ideas Further

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Same Thinking, Same Results

It’s imperative for a creative mind to understand the importance of asking questions. Asking questions opens up new ideas, it takes us down new paths that we may have never envisioned before, and the right questions will determine whether such a endeavour is worth the time and effort.

If you find yourself with answers that do not lead onto more questions, you’ve reached a stalemate.

Ending up in a place where there are no more questions is a very dangerous place for a creative. If this is case, as creatives it means that we’re not using our minds as strongly as we usually would, or that the current path may be running dry and doesn’t have as many creative possibilities as we initially thought.

“If you don’t have any more questions for what you’re doing, that doesn’t mean you’ve arrived at an end point. It means you aren’t looking in the right places.” – Tanner Christensen

So what can you do when something like this happens? Read More

Business Update

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It’s been nearly 5 months since the last blog post…

Even with no official update, the views for the site have not decreased. The support on our social media sites is consistent and we’ve received emails of encouragement to continue producing content. So thank you for staying engaged and a massive thanks to those who have contacted us with encouragement and interest.

A lot has happened in the past 5 months, and it’s all good reasons as to why we’ve not been updating the blog.
Read More

False Sense of Security

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False Sense of Security

Title: False Sense of Security
Photographer: Tristan Cobourne
Location: London

Taken in London – Springfield Park.

The picture is of an old industrial building. Not quite sure what it is or was used for at the time.

I found it interesting because the owner seemed to go through various measures to protect the building. Read More

Zen Zone

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Zen Zone

Over the past month Kind Art has shared a variety of creative techniques for everyone to sink their minds into.

While travelling to work I noticed we hadn’t covered one of the most important aspects of creativity, something I call a Zen Zone.

What is a Zen Zone you ask.. Read More