How Does Your Behaviour & Creativity Link?

There can be huge link between your behaviour and creativity, if you let it happen. We are not all born with the creative flare that others are blessed to have, however there are ways in which you are able to incorporate being both imaginative and creative. I for one believe that anyone can be creative, we just need the right attitude and to be able to break out of our comfort zones. Being creative isn’t as easy as you think, there are always questions you may want to ask yourself to reach a creative solution or you will get agitated in not receiving the ideas you want.

Curiosity is a great way to start being creative, if you have a look at our previous post Curiosity Killed the Cat it will give a reason as to why curiosity and creativity are strongly linked.  You can’t go wrong in being curious when it comes to increasing your knowledge and imagination.

Be positively curious, if it can help you or anyone else around you, go for it!

Putting your time into something productive, like finding a solution to a problem, could help you with your creativity. Finding a problem to solve will allow you to ask questions and hopefully gain an insight that no one else was able to see. Do not limit yourself to only one problem, as you may not be able to solve it; find a couple of problems that need solving, problems that would usually take too long to solve, seem difficult, or costs too much to take care of. Turn these problems inside out, bring it back and forth, just do something that others won’t do.

After you have found a problem to solve you will then have to find out just a tad more about it by exploring each problem. This will allow you to ask some questions; how much do you know about the problem? Do you have the time to work through it? What resources are needed? and most importantly, why do I want to solve this problem? Having a full understanding of the problem allows you to be more visual about the task at hand, and you will have to be excited to finding the solution to your given problem, else there’s no point; you will find yourself getting easily bored and wanting to do something else . MAKE SURE YOU LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

These two things will help you get started with being creative, your behaviour and attitude towards these things will determine whether or not you are willing to take these steps. If you want to you can just Start Something Small and work from there.

Closing off with a quote from Richard Serra – “I think if you want to make art, at some point you have to suspend judgement, and you have to involve yourself with play and not worry about the outcome“.



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