What’s Your Excuse?

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Make Things

“I’ll start tomorrow.” “Maybe I’ll start next week?” “I’ll do it when I feel like it.” 

Hands up if you are guilty of using these phrases, I know I am. 

Why is it we can’t start a task today? What exactly is stopping us from doing something extraordinary or simple?

What’s your excuse?

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Copy Cat

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Remember the days when your friend/s used to copy you? Your hairstyle, clothes, shoes be even music. Or maybe you were that friend who copied everything they did. 

We’d often refer to someone who does this as a copycat, and according to the Oxford dictionary it is defined as, “a person who copies another’s behaviour, dress or ideas.”

In the world we live in today it is hard to say whether all ideas are original. Let’s take music for example, beats/instrumentals have been cut and sampled for many years. I know this because, I have my dad harking down my ear about the music I listen to and how it was originated from music he listened to.
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Lost In Emotions

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Not knowing an answer to a question or the outcome of what we are about to get ourselves into can be a scary feeling. On a day to day basis we are often put through trials and tribulations and the decision is up to us on whether we learn from it or let it hold us back.

There are three main factors, that I believe can have an effect on you progressing with anything in life. The words included in these factors are associated with feelings or emotions. Regardless of if they have different meanings they all have the ability to hold us back. Read More