Remember the days when your friend/s used to copy you? Your hairstyle, clothes, shoes be even music. Or maybe you were that friend who copied everything they did. 

We’d often refer to someone who does this as a copycat, and according to the Oxford dictionary it is defined as, “a person who copies another’s behaviour, dress or ideas.”

In the world we live in today it is hard to say whether all ideas are original. Let’s take music for example, beats/instrumentals have been cut and sampled for many years. I know this because, I have my dad harking down my ear about the music I listen to and how it was originated from music he listened to.

Think about the many businesses we have in a ten mile radius. A majority offer the same services, and some will be well-reckognised. Others who are influenced by these companies will either copy exactly what the company is doing, or evaluate what the company is doing and find a way to customise it to their own needs.

To those who copy out right, as much as it is flattering that an idea has been copied, it can be frustrating for those who came up with the original. Even architects feel frustrated when they walk into another countries mall and see a knock off of their piece.
I honestly think that many ideas are influenced by other people’s ideas. Depending on how much you are influenced by someone’s idea will determine how closely it will resemble the original piece of work. Some original content such as spoken word, poems and songs all have similar concepts.

Being influenced by others ideas, and making it your own is not a problem. It’s a way to grow and enhance your creativity. Doing this You’ll feel more accomplished and satisfied by what you are able to produce.

Copying other creative ideas step by step is also good for guidance and learning purposes, but releasing this work does nothing but damage your credibility and your confidence.

Enhancing the original with your own creativity is better than copying out right. 

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