Kind Art has seen growth in both returning visitors and general visits thanks to your constant support. This forced us to think of ways we could make readers, writers and creative individuals like yourself feel more involved with the on going progression. We think and know it’s time to be able to give back and let the readers have a say on some of the material they read and should be reading.

In this post I will visit two points that I have continuously heard from readers, family and friends to involve the readers. These two factors include:

 – Guest Posts.
– Posts you would like us to produce.

Guests Posts

Being a creative arts platform, we know that there are many individuals who are interested within the creative side of things and often have different/similar interpretations on subjects that they would like to share. We are now offering individuals the opportunity to produce a guest post for Kind Art. The post will have to be based on creativity and can revolve around another subject, so these things may include;

Work related
D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) etc.

Your posts can be about anything (within reason), but will always have to include your creative flare. They will have to be between the word count of 250 – 600 words (poetry may be a bit under the word count depending on how much you want to write). All entries are to be sent through the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Posts you would like us to produce.

Knowing there is an abundance of information on the webpage, we would like to be one of your main sources for getting your creative juices flowing again! In wanting to achieve this we would like for you to send in requests on what subjects you would like for us to cover, again these requests should be within reason. I will say as well as keeping tabs on this site, there should be a few other sites that you should still be aware of, the reason I say this is because they may have covered a topic we haven’t. In which case you are more than welcome to ask for our view on the topic and start a discussion on what would be mentioned on a post.

So these two points are elements we want to work on as of now. If you believe there’s something missing don’t be shy, leave a comment or contact us via the contact email:
Get involved today and see your suggestion on Kind Art.

Another thing, get as many people as you can to join the Kind Art competition, you can read more on the Business Update & Competition post. Take part and win yourself a Kind Art T-Shirt :).

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