Give Your Headphones A Rest

We all listen to music to escape from the realism of what’s going on around us and occasionally we listen to music whilst doing work that doesn’t permit us from using our imagination.  Whilst being creative and looking for inspiration to push on with a project listening to music doesn’t really get us anywhere.

Do you constantly have your headphones on whilst dealing with a creative project new or old? If so I bet you don’t get that far. How about you give your headphones a rest?

You could be working on a project and all is going well until it comes to a halt. At this point of time your creativity has been blocked, you’ve got headphones in your ears and know matter how many times you change the song you just can’t progress with the project that is at hand.  Being able to remove your headphones, turn down the music and walk away from your desk for a bit can prove to be more than enough just to get your juices flowing. You just need to reconnect with what’s going on around you.

Connecting to the world and all things around you is important, our brains are active and it is constantly taking in new information (everything we see, hear, feel, touch, taste), as well as filtering, sorting and combing this new information with things we already know; this process is done over and over again in order to overcome creative block or to bring about new ideas.

Giving the headphones a rest will not only allow you to prevent loosing your hearing (only if you listen to music really loud), but it will also allow you to be more in tune with whats going on around you. Being in tune with the environment is where our inspiration usually stems from. Being able to use your five senses within your surroundings is a more suitable way to find inspiration than to just keep your headphones stuck in and your head down.

From time to time, give your headphones a rest. Move away from your desk. Use your senses to find your creative inspiration. As mentioned before ‘being in tune with the environment is where our inspiration usually stems from’.


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