You’ve got an idea, a project proposal, a way to do something but think or know someone else has already come up with the it, and then feel as though you’re a copy cat. Most of the time people will come up with the same solution to a common problem.  The difference in being creative and coming up with the same solution or result is due to adding a personal touch.

Now this is only a short post, but it is something worth thinking about. Ask yourself this question: Does the work you produce reflect your personality?

You have to remember that each and every one of us is unique, there isn’t another person that has the exact same characteristics as you do, heck there isn’t any one that has the same DNA as you (except for identical twins of course). Which is why you can make your work stand out.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

There is no better way to make your work stand out then to add a little bit of a personal touch; be it charm, humour, cheekiness etc to your writing, music and art.  If your a natural comidian, stick with the jokes and your humour, a lot of people are attracted to those who can make a good thing out of a bad situation and often find humour within writing enjoyable, (this also depends on the subject matter). Similarly you could do something as simple as adding your signature to your piece of work; a picture, design, melody and so on.

Face to Face Interactions

Another way you could add a personal touch to your work is by actually going out and presenting your work to other people and interact with them.  This way they associate your work with you and the aura you give out, the conversations you have with others will mould their perspectives about you.

Written Interactions

This is a fairly simply way of personalising your self. If a person who is interested in you work wants a sample or a pack of something. A hand written note to show your appreciation should do the trick, with your logo,  name or business stated at the top of the note (computer typed) and then a hand written note addressing your customer. Think about it, it gives off the impression that you take your time to personalise the notes.

The three factors I have spoken about are simple yet effective tools in keeping your work yours, and keeps it from looking like an exact copy of someone else’s work. Just remember, people often read, sing, write etc. things that they can relate to thus making it easier for people to understand where they are coming from.

Make interactions and your work personal it keeps readers, listeners etc. coming back for more.

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