Reasons to Smile Today


Did you smile today?

Smiling seems non-existent in the city of London, everyone either seems to be glued to their phone (or other electronic gadget), or in a “rush” to get somewhere. Maybe it’s the cold weather that has put people in a bad mood or has numbed their face so much that they can’t turn the corners of their mouth.

Heck yawning is contagious, right? So is laughing, crying, smiling and even being angry. Smiling has to be one of the most contagious of them all!  I mean everyone smiles without much thought if you think about it, you’ll smile when you’ve been praised, smirk if a friends being told off, grin if your crush walks past etc. It’s just a natural response that we are used to, and a response, which hopefully brings other people to be happy with you.

To those that don’t like to smile and to those who do; here are some reasons to smile today!

Make Others Smile 

Remember how I mentioned that smiling can be contagious. Anyone know or remember Louis Armstrong? If not he was the artist who had sung the song “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you”. Why don’t you give it a go with the people around you? Give them a smile and more than often they should smile back, if they don’t then there’s something wrong with them…or you.

Makes You More Attractive

Scientific research proves that we are drawn to people who smile, more so than those who frown or look angry. Wearing a smile on your face can draw people towards wanting to know you, where as frowning or pulling faces will push people away. However it has also been proven that woman are more attracted to “moody” guys as opposed to  happy guys.

Makes You Seem Confident

As mentioned earlier, smiling can draw people to you. So how about bringing that into your ever day life via your jobs, job interviews, meetings and even meeting new people. They will react differently to you and sense a positive vibe/energy from you , which may well lead to them approaching or promoting you.

Can Lead to Laughter

Have you ever stared at something or someone too long and ended up laughing? We all have that moment with a friend when a smile turns into a heap of laughter. The health benefits of laughing acts like a mini workout that burns calories and works the abs. It’s also good for the body as it reduces stress, lowers your blood sugar level and improves sleep!

Makes You Feel Good! 

Just smile. The next time you feel down in the dumps, force a smile. The false smile will send a message to your brain telling it that you’re happy,which then leads to your body releasing all kinds of feel-good endorphins, making you even more happy. More than likely your mood will lighten up and you’ll feel better than you were before.

SMILE because you’re ALIVE & AWESOME.

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