Great Things

With the revamp of Kind Art I wanted to go head first into all the creative techniques available and show complex diagrams of how we can all better ourselves in the creative world. Sometimes though, it’s better to start something small.

Starting off small allows you to learn about your work. You’re able to identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

Have you ever worked on a task and you reached a barrier for whatever reason and you begun to lose motivation?

This is likely because you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Maybe you would have had an easier time if you broke the task down into smaller segments and/or learned the prerequisites to what you were trying to accomplish beforehand.

If you start off small, your weaknesses become easier to overcome as the learning curve is not as steep. In turn, your motivation stays high and you can continue to progress onwards.

It’s also a lot easier to monitor the work you produce if you start off small. This is crucial when the small tasks begin to interlink and form larger results.

It’s simple and self explanatory but sometimes these things are overlooked, especially as we become more comfortable in our day-to-day activities. Too often have I found myself with what seems to be a mammoth task however, if I had taken the time to break it up I would have found it more enjoyable and easier to manage.

I think this one settles nicely in the opening week for Kind Art.

Start something small.

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