Technology: Friend Or Foe?

Technology is everywhere, used every day and a huge amount of those using it believe it or not, are children. They use it so much that they’re becoming more advanced in using devices than some of the older generation.

It’s worth nothing that social skills have decreased due to individuals wanting to spend more time inside on the internet or watching TV, rather than interacting with their friends, family and/or colleagues. This raises the question of whether technology helps or hinders our ability to be creative. Some say it does and some say it doesn’t, but what is the real answer?

Is technology a friend or foe?

Before the internet existed, people would walk alongside nature, travel and be free with any ideas that came to pass. Take Picasso for example, his main inspiration came from African art, and Shakespeare was inspired by other writers.

Now with the continuous growth of technology: businesses, schools, artists, bloggers and more, have been able to take advantage of what is made available to them. This has helped businesses file and store information more efficiently, schools make classes for the young interesting, artists are able to easily find inspiration from across the world and bloggers are able to find inspiration and creativity to write their own blog posts. Technology is proven to aid all of the above in various ways.

In knowing that, I’m pretty sure people will also agree in saying that potential creativity is in abundance when you are out and about talking to people and indulging in physical activities however, others will defend the technology corner with good reason. Simple things like having a computer to type, research and design has made being creative so much easier due to being able to access a wide array of content and rectify mistakes a lot faster.

Balance is key!

Don’t spend too much time inside with technology, I assure you, your creativity will dry up. If it has, check out “Cure” Your Creative Illness or be a bit curious with Curiosity Killed The Cat.

I’m also not saying to spend all your time outside, but it’s worth spending time away from technology as it will help generate creative ideas. You can then use technology to help with the execution of your idea.

I know this isn’t a long post, but it was made for you to think about how technology has helped you with your creativity or maybe how it has hindered you. One cannot replace the other. Both used in the right amount and appropriately can produce brilliant results!