Time – 5 Ways You Know You’re Wasting Time

In this post I will cover 5 ways that you might be wasting time; more so with your creative ideas, and I will hopefully have the solution to each of these aspects.

Are You Constantly Coming Up With New Ideas?

Not to say that it is a bad thing to have a vast amount of ideas, but the more you think of new ideas, the more time you are wasting on a perfectly good idea you may have come up with in the first place. It is never a bad idea to have too many ideas, but it becomes a bad idea if you do not develop those ideas at all. Not everyone will succeed from their first idea but a couple ideas down the line or maybe more, they will start to see some progression and start gaining the results they have hoped to see.

If you have one idea, cherish it and develop it. If you don’t like it move on to another idea, but always make sure of one thing, always keep all your ideas in a place where you are able to reach for them at any given time.
Without a doubt this shows that coming up with new ideas can be a positive aspect, in a sense that you will be learning from your mistakes. Each fall back comes with a stronger comeback.

Taking Breaks for Far Too Long.

Taking breaks actually help your productivity, but to be on a break for longer than necessary will count as wasting time towards your productivity. How much time is too much time?

Do you say to yourself “I will study for 45 minutes and take a 15 minute break” and then find that your supposed 15 minute break turns into half an hour, then 45 minutes going into an hour? I know I have and it is a habit that is worth getting out of.

According to Inc.com a company: the Druagiem Group had conducted an experiment using an app to track the habits of their employees. From this experiment they found that the employees had all worked on a 52 minute sprint and had a break of 17 minutes.
You could give the 52/17 minute ratio a go, who knows it may well work for you or better still you will be able to find the right work/break ratio for yourself. Get yourself a time tracker app, something like Toggl – which allows you to see how long you spend on a task and even track how long you take a break, or 30/30 – another brilliant app, this allows you to input tasks, breaks, appointment etc and also allows you to dedicate the time to the allocated task that you have.

Smart Phone Addiction

We all have a smartphone, even if we don’t someone definitely will have one within the family and or household. If not, we all have an electronic device that we are constantly on over a period of time; be it a TV, Laptop, Tablet or an MP3 player.

Every now and again you find yourself looking at your phone when you don’t feel like doing work, or when you feel that all is going wrong with the task at hand. Once you go on your phone, go through a few messages on Whatsapp, have a look on Snapchat, which then leads to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and all the other apps on your phone. Before you know it you’ve just wasted about an hour looking through your phone, or computer going through your social media pages.

A small study has shown that we (young adults) use our phones at an average of five hours a day, almost one third of our waking hours according to Huffington Post. Which gives the indication that perhaps we are on our phones a bit too much.

Do you think you spend too much time on your phone? Take a look at our over post, discussing whether Technology is a friend or foe.

Personally I would turn my phone off and place it away from me for a good couple of hours or five (presuming you aren’t expecting any important calls), this is probably one of the best things I’ve been able to do and I’ve done it so many times.  Just have a couple of hours a day, or a whole day without your electronic devices, unless of course you will be using your laptop for any work and get on to being productive.

Waiting For the Right Time.

I always here someone say “I’ll start going to the gym after Christmas”, “It’s not the right time to have this talk” and even “I’m not in the mood to complete this”. It is true that our lives can be hectic, so looking for the time when it has calmed down to a certain level might be the perfect thing to do right? Not entirely.

Constantly making excuses for the right time to approach isn’t going to bring the time any closer. You make one excuse then potentially another and another, long behold you’ve not got anything done whilst making those excuses. If you have however thought to yourself that you will do things on a relaxing holiday then do so, heck that’s what I’m doing now. Making small changes to everyday activities can make a huge difference and help with getting things slowly done over a period of time, rather than not doing anything at all.

Finally, Are You Procrastinating?

Procrastination is an easy thing to come by, especially if you know you need to get something done. The Oxford dictionary definition for procrastination is “The action of delaying or postponing something.”

Similarly the word is often used as a phrase of “procrastination is the thief of time”. This happens more than people would like for it to happen.

Finding just one solution to your problem of procrastinating is not always wise, knowing the root of your problem is great, but there is always far more reasons as to why you are procrastinating. Have a look at this website as they are more than capable of going into detail with what you may need to know; Entrepreneur.com, you will also find solutions and easier ways of getting your work done rather than procrastinating.

Are there any other ways you know that you’re wasting time?

How do you deal with it?

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