As you are aware, Kind Art produces content including creative techniques, motivation and inspiration. As well as written content we also aim to provide a strong portfolio with a mixture of web designs, photography and the use of Photoshop.

Below I have compiled a list of the top five (in no particular order) Kind Art posts to date:

Try Something New

Stuck in a rut? Do you often find yourself getting bored easily because you’re doing the same thing over and over again. This post wants you to try something new! Break out of the vicious cycle of doing tedious tasks and do something different, or try something completely new. There are five things to try, so why don’t you give them a go today if you haven’t already.
“Trying something new ensures you don’t run your creativity into the ground.”

Curiosity Killed the Cat

You’ve heard the idiom and more than likely have put the phrase to the test a couple of times. This posts focusses on the fact the curiosity in creative terms is more than likely to broaden your horizon and often make you wiser, as opposed to the thought that something bad will happen to you if were to just walk into a dark room with no knowledge of what could be inside.
“Albert Einstein once said “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.””

“Cure” Your Creative Illness

Let me guess, you have a creative block? This post touches upon some of the reasons you may be experiencing a creative block and gives solutions to these problems. Although a block can last from a day to years, we believe that there is always a way to have some of your creative juices fuelled back into your brain. Focussing on three main factors we believe block your creative flow, we have included three ways to overcome them. Of course there are many more, however we feel that these are the key elements in assisting in the oh so lovely creative block.

“So yes there are things that are going to block your creativity from time to time but there is always going to be a way to overcome them.”

Are You Feeling Uncreative?

“Too often I hear people say, “I’m not very creative”. Sometimes I find myself thinking it.”
Don’t ever feel as though you are not creative! Remember as kids we were always creative, we found ways to make something out of boxes and empty cartons…anything we could find that would help in our creative process really. Maya Angelou said that your creativeness doesn’t run out which means you’ve just got to find it.

5 Reasons to Read a Book

How often do you read? I can honestly say that I’ve not read a book in a few months, I love reading and need to buy another book! Whether it is fiction or non fiction (everyone has their own preferences) books are a great way to improve you vocabulary and keep your imagination alive.

“In order to be creative you must feed your creativity. A great way to do this is by reading a book.”

Now for the list of our most popular images on Kind Art. There are a lot more images however these the few pictures that have been sought after.

See Between The Lines

A picture taken in the Dominican Republic. The silhouettes of the trees showing through is just amazing. A must see photo if you like sun and silhouettes.

False Sense of Security

“the owner seemed to go through various measures to protect the building. High walls, bolted gates and barbed wire but the window was still smashed.”

Venus & Jupiter

Brightest planets Venus and Jupiter.

All images are produced by our very own; Tristan Cobourne. The only picture that does not belong to Kind Art is the African Renaissance Monument.

If you believe there is another post that deserves to be mentioned, please feel free to write this suggestion in the comment section.

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