What is Kind Art?

We Believe

Customer experience comes first

We’ve placed high importance on understanding one another, as it’s misunderstandings that cause projects to overrun and lead to a poor service. To ensure there are no misunderstandings, we’ve come up with a solution.
We’ve constructed three robust models (CMS, E-Commerce & Online Marketing), each tailored with a different purpose, but will provide a strong foundation that you can base your project on.
You will receive the best experience possible. We’ll ensure that you understand everything that’s occurring, and not confuse you with tech jargon.
So overall, less time spent misunderstanding each other and more time spent delivering a project that will benefit your business.

It’s more than just a project

It’s more than just a website and it’s more than just an app. When you come to Kind Art you’re engaging in a long term partnership for your business.
You can define the level of involvement you want, but if you’d like to work alongside pro-active company that is as invested in your ideas as yourself, we can do a lot more to guide you towards success.
Our goal isn’t to only complete projects. We want to create long lasting successful relationships.

Efficiency is important

Too many systems contain functionality that you don’t actually need. Because of this, you’re over charged, and overwhelmed with features that won’t benefit your goal.
We remove the functionality that you don’t need, and build the application around you, making it easier to use and understand. Every customer is unique, and bloated off-the-shelf software fails to account for this.

Able to pick up the technology remarkably quickly and took the initiative on many occasions to help build on and improve existing business processes.

Colin Hoad

I love working with Tristan. By far one of the best freelancers I have worked with on Upwork. I already hired him for another project and will continue to use his valuable services. Thank you 🙂

Omar Sinbawy

Riannah was very professional and kept me up to date with developments in the group and had great communication skills.

Georgia Stride

Tristan supported the development of key sections of the CLV vision for the resident life programme. I can not endorse him highly enough.

Alex Mayes

About Kind Art

Based in London, Kind Art was created in 2014 by professional Software Developer Tristan Cobourne. Tristan Cobourne has several years of experience developing software solutions that have been used by Jaguar and Land Rover, YBS, IBM, Rolls Royce and Sky.
Kind Art strives to develop successful technological solutions, and continuously analyse the market to ensure our creativity is always growing. We offer highly talented individuals who understand the requirements in today’s market and our mission is to inspire, be innovative and generate successful results. Kind Art has an emphasis on collaboration, quality and growth within the creative community.
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